Support Summer Gala

Fundraising Platform Built

Blantyre Community Committee, (who organise Blantyre’s major public outdoor annual events), have built a fantastic fundraising platform hoping to attract public donations!

The Committee aim for easy access for the general public, businesses and organisations to be involved, assist and financially support their continual fundraising efforts for the Summer Gala and Festive Events!

YOU can support Blantyre Gala Weekend from as little s just £2 at this link:

It’s hoped that public interest will help the Committee achieve all their campaign goals and additionally, if clubs and organisations are looking to host a fundraiser, then there’s plenty of ideas on the site.

Show your Support

All monies raised go towards hosting Blantyre’s very popular public events going BACK to the entire community. Without your gracious and appreciated support, they would never be able to continue. 

We all have a GREAT time at the Summer Gala, so we hope you can show your appreciation and support in this way. Check out their Fundraising Campaigns and see how YOU can help here on their excellent website:


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