Inconsiderate Parking

Parking in Station Road, Blantyre, (or rather the lack of it!) once again hits the local news.

KellyAnn McCormick has only just moved to the Village in Blantyre just before Christmas and was shocked that drivers had so little regard for pedestrians.

She told us earlier today, “The parking on Station Road for the train station is an absolute joke! I have a 19 month old and whether he walks or we are in the pram, we always have to dodge cars parked on the pavement around the train station. Like this one! I know people need to travel to work but am I expected to take my young son on a busy road to get past them? And what about wheel chair users? Something needs to be done.”

She continued, “They’re usually right up outside the Village Bar and shop too. Luckily for us today, no one was in the disabled bay so we could go round that way. I was in touch with the council who say ‘dangerous and irresponsible parking is a police matter – call 101.”

KellyAnn isn’t the first to complain about this. The problem has existed for decades and the station overflow carpark woefully inadequate.

We understand parking in this area is also on the radar of our local Councillors who are seeking to address matters with the Council. The issue was also raised as a primary complaint by many dozens of Blantyre residents in recent weeks, asking for Blantyre Steering Group to intervene and integrate this into Blantyre’s developing 5 year improvement plan.

Have your Say. Are YOU affected by bad parking in this street or elsewhere in Blantyre, perhaps cars outside your home, blocking you or obstructing pavements? What more can be done?


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