Petition: Improve A725 Sliproad Safety

We need YOUR help to improve road Safety in Blantyre. 

In recent months there has been 4 instances of vehicle drivers travelling in the WRONG direction on the busy East Kilbride Expressway, which sadly on one occasion in 2018 resulted in the tragic death of a young motorbiker. 

Recent Video and Photo evidence on social media suggests some drivers are still doing this in 2019. It’s time to intervene before somebody else loses their life.

We put it to South Lanarkshire Council that the signage at TWO sliproads coming off the A725 EK Expressway is inadequate, unlit, too small and not fit for purpose.  This campaign asks for road safety improvements at the sliproad near the junction of Stoneymeadow Road at High Blantyre and the sliproad at the end of Whistleberry Road in Low Blantyre. Namely;

a) Full Roads Risk Assessment to be undertaken asap.
b) Repainting of word “No Entry” white paint on carriageway. 
c) Painting of directional arrows on the slipways themselves showing clearly one way
d) The removal of small no entry round signs and replaced by bold, large no entry/warning signs and
e) The consideration to improve lighting at these hazard areas.

Please sign our petition to take to the Council’s Roads Department and share. Thanks.

You can sign our petition here:

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