Sliproad Improvements Planned

Public complaints about the safety of Blantyre’s A725 Sliproads have promptly been upheld by South Lanarkshire Council with a programme of action now proposed.

This followed a fatality last year and several instances of people driving up the sliproads in the wrong direction into oncoming traffic.

Our petition has now incredibly been signed by 814 people, so thanks very much for that! The Council’s Roads Department have acted upon general complaints and undertaken a risk assessment listing out various improvements we feel are worthwhile.

We have today written to roads to inform them of the petition and to make further suggested amendments to the proposals. Copy of our letter is attached below:

Improvement works are planned on these sliproads within the Council’s following financial year. Our letter asks for this to ideally be done sooner, even better right away.

With thanks to Mo Razzaq for his assistance with this.


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