Calderglen Avenue Vandalism

A small alert goes out just to raise awareness of some minor vandalism at Calderglen Avenue, Blantyre.

Some residents in the street have been plagued by instances of youth disorder this week, on consecutive nights. Not just making a nuisance by playing pranks on residents, but it has now escalated into vandalism of residents property, trees and fencing.

It’s been happening just before nightfall around 5pm with a group of 6 or 7 kids, no more than 10-12 years old, a mix of boys and girls, each dressed in black.

Slats have been removed from the fencing which leads to the railway, posing a risk for other children or pets. When they were approached a few of the kids ran down Calderglen Avenue and the others headed out of the estate.

Local Residents have asked for this post to be put up and whilst they fully understand kids need to play, it’s clear vandalism will NOT be tolerated. This little alert hopes to raise awareness of the matter within the housing estate, nipping it in the bud before anything more serious occurs or these young kids find themselves in trouble.


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