Anger at ATM charges

Get ready! Many cash machines are to start charging 95p for all ATM withdrawals, a deeply unpopular move which is already creating a lot of anger!

The charge has already been introduced in some Blantyre ATMs, including in Main Street and Auchinraith Road.

However, it’s not the fault of the shop owners. It’s been introduced by ‘Notemachine‘ who run the management of the machines. Deeply frustrating not just people using the ATMs, but the nearby shopkeepers too, some of whom have unnecessarily had to deal with complaints.

‘Notemachine’ has announced plans to introduce the fee at almost half of its 10,500 ATM machines Nationwide throughout the UK, meaning a fifth of all UK cashpoints will soon be charging to let you withdraw your OWN money!

Naturally, many people are upset.

The change will come as a blow to the elderly, low earners and small businesses and may result in machines being shut down if they become unprofitable.

Situation Locally

Blantyre has suffered in recent years with 2 ATM’s being closed following the exodus of banks from the town and with recent news that the ATM outside McLeans/Deli in Main Street, High Blantyre has now already closed and no banks, accessing your cash is becoming harder than ever.

It should however, also be stated there are still several “free to use” cashpoints in Blantyre (for the time being).

Have YOUR say. Are YOU affected by this? Do you plan on continuing using ATMs that charge? Are you boycotting them, not bothered or have a solution?

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