March 2019 Fundraising

Our fundraising totals for end of March are now in! Another notable month with money raised for local Blantyre causes, which of course is the main reason why this page exists! 

We’re thrilled to announce that during March, Blantyre Telegraph has raised £166.50 towards local good causes! (This excludes all Blantyre Oscars fundraising which will be added in at end of April). Our fundraising now reaches a new whopping total of £23,170.47 for 127 local good causes to date since 2015!

Fundraising was from various sources:

£27.50 from the sale of Blantyre Project books.
£7.00 from public recurring subscriptions to Blantyre Telegraph website
£104.00 from public donations on Blantyre Telegraph website
£12.00 Advertising on our Blantyre Telegraph Website
£16.00 Advertising in our Monthly Magazine

Every penny raised goes entirely to local good causes, as always. It has already been spent as follows:

£65.42 towards buying plants for Park flower beds around Blantyre
£20.00 to Little Princess Trust for local lady Maryon Allan’s mum who is going through a tough time at the moment.
£20.00 to Stephanie Charity Kiltwalk supporting baby Islay who was not well recently due to bleed to the brain.
£50.00 for Competition Prize on Blantyre Telegraph on Gr. National Day.
£11.08 for Facebook awareness adverts launching our monthly Magazine

How to get Involved supporting the Community

There are several fantastic ways you can support Blantyre Telegraph.

  1. You can now support us offline by buying our newly launched monthly magazine. At only £2, the entire sales of that publication will go entirely to local good causes and can be bought at Jinxy’s High Blantyre and at Strachan Craft Butchers on Glasgow Road.
  2. Would YOU like to take out a recurring subscription to Blantyre Telegraph? From just £1 per month, and knowing it entirely goes back to Blantyre good causes, the link is here:
  3. You can donate directly as a “one off” from anything from £1 directly into 12 varied, worthwhile LIVE Blantyre fundraising campaigns here
  4. You can buy one of the fantastic NINE Blantyre History books from Blantyre Project here
  5. Support us by participating in Blantyre Telegraph organised fundraising events, such as the annual Blantyre Oscars.

Thanks you to everybody who contributed this month. Some fantastic donations being received on the website on our new fundraising platform! We can’t wait to add in sales revenue next month from our new Magazine.

For assurance, Blantyre Telegraph is entirely non profit. We retain nothing at all, not one penny.

You can see all Blantyre Telegraph’s fundraising openly and transparently here:


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