Miners Welfare Progress

A few people have recently asked for an update on the proposals to rebuild the Community Resource Centre at Blantyre Miners Welfare.

If you recall, the resource centre burned down on 13th November 2017 (as pictured), displacing many organisations and clubs in what was a popular, well used building.

We met up with senior staff from the Welfare last week.

Although what can be said is limited for now, we can update that the claim is well progressed, with quotes coming in and things are still on track for the resource centre to be rebuilt. Questions remain about whether the former cinema, (which wasn’t used much previously) will be included and what plans could be made to ensure the building is as ‘community orientated’ as possible. Such plans include the consideration of an upper storey.

It’s envisaged the multi million pound rebuild could start as early as this summer with build durations likely to take 10 months to a year.

A detailed progress update will be announced soon once the insurance claim is concluded and media are permitted by the Welfare to disclose more information.

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