Bag it! Don’t throw it down

Calder Clean up

With the good weather and so many people expected to come along to Milheugh at the Calder today, a little reminder to bag your rubbish, rather than throwing it down. Also, if you’re coming to the Calder with friends after today’s event, please do bring a bin bag for any glass.

The last few days has seen large groups of youths drinking near the falls in the sun, prompting daily community clean ups removing bottles, socks, lighters, cigarettes, plastic, cans and the like. It’s the amount of litter that’s annoying, especially broken glass.

Blantyre people have tremendous spirit and motivation to keep the Calder clean. We were pleased to join a small ‘taskforce’ this morning of like minded community residents for the latest cleanup. Well done to Helena, Phil, Donna, Bill and indeed everybody else who was involved in bagging all the rubbish over the holiday weekend. (and to the council for uplifting!)

Let’s all keep the beautiful Calder clean and safe! 
Bag it! Don’t Throw it down.


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