Incinerator Consent Still Valid

Blantyre Telegraph has learned that consent for an incinerator at Whistleberry is unfortunately still in place. This follows last weeks news that Clean Power Properties Ltd and West Wind Ventures Ltd had withdrawn their appeal.

The appeal withdrawn on 30th May 2019 was actually for a large, revised incinerator, which thankfully will not proceed. Clean Power commented, “The appeal was withdrawn due to a range of considerations related to the evolving waste market, including the publication of the Waste Markets Study – Full Report on the 23rd April 2019 by the Scottish Government, suggesting an unsuitability at the site.”

However, a previous appeal against a smaller scale scheme was upheld by Scottish Ministers and is still in force. The pre-start conditions attached to the consent (granted by Ministers) have already been discharged and in terms of the definition of the Planning Act, a start on site had been made. That consent is therefore still valid and still needs to be further discussed and addressed.

Last week saw overarching protest organisation HERAG, based in Hamilton announce the news of the appeal being withdrawn. We understand South Lanarkshire Councillors intend to meet at the earliest opportunity to discuss the next steps, which may be to simply revoke consent for the original scheme.

Whilst huge community concerns have been addressed and the removal of larger plans, it would appear this is still not the absolute end of the incinerator story. As soon as it gets the all clear for full revoke of ALL PLANS, we’ll let you know.

Sources: DPEA

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