Is our Heritage in Danger?

Is our High Blantyre Heritage in danger?

We’ve been following this very closely the last few weeks and concerned by recent developments this week in particular, after discussions with readers messaging the page. Improvement works to the upper fields is one thing, but not at the expense of wiping out heritage or removing habitat currently home to natural wildlife. The area of the upper Calder is little used, but as important as the rest of the Calder, indeed with its many falls, gorges and winding paths, just as important for preserving.

Perhaps due to a general lack of awareness in Blantyre, it’s taken East Kilbride residents, on the opposite side of the River Calder to investigate and lead protests.

We hope landowners take time to listen to public concerns, engaging with them more to ensure a compromised balance of development and protection can be reached.

Pictured, the ruins of Craigneith Castle (Blantyre’s former Castle). The National Newspaper has all the details.

Further details can be found on this Facebook page:

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