Compassionate Moment

As the weekend draws to a close, we can’t help but think of the families and businesses affected by yesterday’s fire on Main Street, High Blantyre. We hope sincerely insurance claims are settled fast permitting rebuilding as soon as possible.

There was however, one little worthwhile moment in that drama that we’d like to share.

Leighann Scott’s daughter, Taylor lives in the flat above Snips. Sadly, her flat was affected by the fire, smoke and flames gutting it completely. It was Taylor and her fiancee’s first home and the family are devastated. Absolutely everything they had was destroyed.

As emergency services tackled the fire for two and a half hours, trying to save nearby properties, Leighann caught a little moment of compassion by one of the firefighters and wanted to share it here.

‘Zeus’, the turtle was trapped in that flat and was bravely rescued and returned to the family. The family had believed Zeus hadn’t made it, so it was a surprise when one of the firefighters presented them with their pet still alive and well. This little video captured that special moment.

Leighann told us earlier today, “We would like to thank all the emergency services for their hard work and dedication, including the police were trying to keep our spirits up.”

We heard other instances of gratitude yesterday. Shopkeepers rallied during the drama, with Jinxy’s Bakery providing hot free rolls for everybody on the scene.

If there’s anything Blantyre Telegraph can do to help the families and businesses affected in the short term, please do let us know.


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