New Road Layout Concerns

Given we have witnessed TWO near misses in as many days at this location and seeing so many people similarly comment on the page yesterday, we feel it is in the interest of public road safety to raise a concern about the new road layout at High Blantyre.

The location is the roundabout (previously known as Big H) at the end of Douglas Street. As you’ll be aware in recent months works have been done to upgrade this location, maintaining the existing 2 lanes around the roundabout but upgrading the off sliproad with an extra lane. There’s now 3 lanes coming off the A725, which appear adequately marked.

However, the give way lines at the end of this sliproad appear to be painted this week, noticeably far into the roundabout lanes, restricting the 2 lanes in the box highlighted in red. It’s likely supposed to be 2 lanes, but it feels more like 1.5 lanes (at best). 2 lanes of vehicles coming down from Douglas Street are being forced to squeeze into or even stop to avoid collision with each other within the red box, something we ourselves have witnessed TWICE in 48 hours.

We would urgently therefore ask local councillors to get in touch with Roads Dept at the earliest convenience and relay this concern. It feels like something is wrong with the line markings and at the very least a review of this should be done by SLC before any serious accidents occur. On the face of it an ‘easy fix’ may be to paint the sliproad give way white lines a metre or so back up the sliproad.

Have your say. Have YOU noticed this or also concerned?



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  1. James Macpherson

    100% agree .Not sure who designed two lanes on Douglas Street which then narrow into one on the big H roundabout to accommodate the the new slip road lane off the A725. Also not sure why they erected traffic lights on Douglas Street also

  2. Another waste of money and possibly a cause of serious if not fatal accidents.
    The road designers/blockers of S.L.C. really know how to muck things up for drivers.

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