Resurfacing Works, Blantyre

These are the roads South Lanarkshire Council will be resurfacing in the Blantyre area during the financial year 2019/2020, ahead of end March 2020. We’ve sourced many of the costs for doing the work, as follows:

B7012 Main Street, Blantyre, works access to roundabout at First Road (north side of dual carriageway). Cost of works – £64,000
Ansdell Avenue, Blantyre, full length. Cost of works – £60,000
Ballantrae Road, Blantyre, full length. Cost of works – £100,000
Calder Street, Blantyre, Craig Street to Victoria Street. Cost of works – £35,000
Bardykes Road, cost unknown.
Cowan Wilson Avenue, Blantyre, Farm Road to Holmswood Avenue (including junction Heathcliff Avenue). Cost of works – £68,000
Farm Road, Blantyre, junction Cowan Wilson Avenue to junction Holmswood Avenue. Cost of works – £19,000
Hamilton Road, Blantyre, Stoneymeadow Road to Greenhall Estate access. Cost of works – £170,000
Hunthill Road, cost unknown.
South Avenue, Blantyre, East Avenue to Sixth Road (north and south sides). Cost of works – £200,000

Some roads have already been completed:
Springfield Crescent, Blantyre, full length. Cost of works – £27,500
Douglas Street, cost unknown.

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