Emily, our Local Hero

Today we pay a deserving tribute to local hero, Blantyre’s Emily Dickie.

The local lass who attends Calderside Academy is a volunteer with St Andrews First Aid. Something any parent would be proud of in itself. However, her life saving knowledge was tested to the max the other day where she was credited with saving the life of a man at a football match.

It is thankful for the male Partick Thistle fan that Emily attends football matches each Saturday at Hamilton Accies FC. Saturday 20th July would be a day she would not forget.

When a male Patrick Thistle Fan suddenly became ill and collapsed in the terraces, his heart stopped beating. As worried onlookers wondered what to do, Emily, despite her young years bravely jumped in and professionally performed CPR, reviving him. He was then placed on to a stretcher but again….his heart stopped for a second time. Emily revived him AGAIN with her CPR training kicking in, staying with him until paramedics arrived. He was then taken to hospital.

We’re happy to report the man is now safely back home now.

Emily, you’re an absolute credit to your parents and to Blantyre. Everybody who knows you, should be very, very proud. Your bravery, quick thinking and professionalism has allowed somebody to live and avoided tragedy that fateful day.

We have a little something for you if you want to get in touch. You are indeed, Blantyre’s local hero.


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