Jail for Driver under Influence

William McLean, the father of 2 children was today sentenced to six years in jail for causing the death of Allan Nicholson (25) last year on the A725 EK Expressway.

McLean, (pictured) had taken 5 lines of cocaine before driving on to the wrong direction on the busy expressway forcing drivers to swerve and take evasive action. His car collided heavily with the motorbike of Mr Nicholson.

Following the collision, McLean’s car came to rest on a grass verge and other drivers stopped to assist. McLean told one man: “What have I done.” He ran across a carriageway and tried to climb a wall but was pursued by members of the public and not permitted to leave until police arrived.

A judge told Mclean at the High Court in Edinburgh that he had “no hesitation” in assessing his culpability at the most serious level.

Lord Brodie said: “You drove when your ability to do so was impaired by a controlled drug, namely cocaine.”

“For a long period of time you persistently drove on the wrong side of the road. You ignored or did not react to the warnings given by other motorists,” he said.

The judge said Mr Nicholson was a clearly very much loved young man with a highly promising life ahead of him who was described in one of the victim impact statements provided as “an asset to the world”.

Image: Crown Office

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