Remembering ‘Ollybear’

We were deeply saddened to read about the heartache of a Blantyre family who went through the most upsetting event this summer.. the loss of a small child.

Angie and her husband Barry are a Blantyre family who are now fundraising for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Wishaw General.

Being a sensitive story, Angie tells her story below in her own words.

“My husband and I finally fell pregnant last November with our baby boy Oliver (OllyBear to his daddy and I). However, due to developing severe pre-eclampsia at 16 weeks (very uncommon but not unheard of) this led to Olly’s growth slowing whilst in the womb. I was admitted to hospital at 23+6, being advised I would have to deliver within 24-48 hours due to my blood pressure being dangerously high.

However through sheer determination to protect our long awaited and much wanted baby (that’s what mummies do isn’t, we try to protect our children) I managed to keep him in. With the help of my wonderful and supportive midwives who helped the doctors find the right medication to stabilise my blood pressure until 27+5 when it was then decided that it was too dangerous to both Olly and I to continue with my pregnancy.

Oliver was delivered by classical caesarean on 16th May 2019, weighing a tiny 1lb 4oz but regardless of his size he was absolutely perfect.”

“We were told to be prepared that he may not cry and would require to be ventilated after delivery but to the entire theatre teams surprise, our fiesty little warrior was crying and letting everyone know he had arrived, albeit 12 weeks early.

“He amazed everyone as he didn’t need to be ventilated as he was breathing on his own and was extremely active to everyone’s surprise considering he was so tiny.”

“He continued to rewrite the rule book and defy the doctors expectations and by day 4 they had reduced his oxygen assistance as he was so strong. We were overjoyed albeit terrified as he was tiny or as his nurses called him, “Small But Mighty”

“Unfortunately at 5 days old during a routine check, his NICU nurses discovered that something wasn’t quite right. He was suffering from a catastrophic pulmonary haemorrhage and there was no way to help stabilise him.”

It’s every parents worst nightmare as our long awaited Baby was suddenly fightening for his life, (right before our eyes as we were allowed to be present whilst they worked tirelessly to save him) and he did give such a strong fight and for that we will be forever proud of our little OllyBear.

Sadly, our little OllyBear died in our arms at just 5 days old. Our hearts are completely broken, our arms are empty and our home is so quiet as prior to this we had a huge buzz in the lead up to his long awaited arrival.

So in order to give back to the amazing NHS staff who helped look after our precious baby boy, we are fundraising to help give back to the NICU to fund for new technology & ways of helping bereaved families who will sadly find themselves walking a similar journey to Barry (my husband) and I.”

The couple originally planned to raise £1,000 but raised it to £3,000 and have now exceeded £5,000 which is amazing.

The more money they can raise for the NHS Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the more they can hopefully help reduce the number of families that will walk the same path.

If you’ve been moved by this story and would like to donate to this very worthwhile cause, there is a Just Giving link below, where more information on this story can be viewed. Also attached is the link to the local Sands group as they recently opened the new Bereavement Suite and you can see how much money was required to make that happen.

Donate Here: Team OllyBear

Further Info: Sands Post

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.
“Every life no matter how brief will forever change the world”


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