Blantyre’s Hidden Helpers

Elsa Murray has asked for this to be posted. A great observation, we’re sure you’ll join us in saying, “well said!”

“Now that children are back at school and settled in, people are looking again at after school activities.

I think most groups are back. Be it dancing, gymnastics, karate, youth clubs, beavers, cubs, scouts, rainbows, brownies, guides, senior section, boys brigade, girls brigade… I hope I have covered everyone.

I would like you to spare a thought for all the adults who give up their time to volunteer at these groups. The people who do this give up their time week in week out and tirelessly work behind the scenes not just on a weekly basis.

The clubs might only meet for one or two hours a week but there are a lot of behind the scene work that goes on sometimes every day.

The people who take responsibility for your children as if they are their own, the people who willingly give up their weekends and holidays to take your children away for a residential holiday, an experience that they might not ever get if they were not in this group. Volunteering this means they don’t get paid in any way for their time.

The people who do this do not ask for any thanks but they also don’t ask to be verbally or physically abused but this happens, not very often, but it does happen.

I would ask please please share a thought for all your children’s volunteer leaders, who I might add only have your child’s welfare and best interests at the heart of any decisions.

To all parents/guardians/carers you are all doing an amazing job too, and we are only a very small part in your children’s lives but some of the experience that the children get from Blantyre’s hidden helpers will be with them for their lifetimes. “


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