Random Act of Kindness

A local lady has asked us to post this message about a good deed.

She told us, “Two wonderfully kind Blantyre men helped my 4 year old son Ben and I met this morning in the Family Shopper store in High Blantyre. I believe their names may be Trevor and Thomas.”

The lady was in Family Shopper on Saturday morning in High Blantyre at the post office and turned round to see her wee 4 year old standing at the pocket money stand. Once she had posted her items she walked up and they started talking to a man and got discussing the two green army action men that were on sale for £1.99.

The next thing, the man kindly gave the boy £5 and told us to buy the action men.

The lady added, “Obviously I said no thank you but he insisted and said that Ben was very polite and said thank you. I was very insistent that it was too kind.”

This man had given the boy £5 and he was understandably thrilled, even more so when the mans friend topped it up with another £1.

They lady told us, “They did something that truly touched my heart and restored my faith in humanity. I don’t normally advocate taking money off strangers and have spoken to my little boy about this, however these two men were just simply kind and I hope that they have a lovely day and good health. I could honestly cry at the kind generosity and will be grateful for putting a smile on my face and my boys”

Well done to the two kind men! What a nice thing to do.

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