Blantyre Pit Disaster – A Memorial

Fitting Tribute at the Cemetery

As you may know, today, 22nd October is the Anniversary of the Blantyre Pit Disaster, when in 1877, some 215 men and boys tragically lost their lives at High Blantyre. As part of several events commemorating the mining accident, we have tonight, on behalf of every person in Blantyre, commissioned lights for the Dixon’s Memorial Obelisk at High Blantyre Cemetery. We have place them in the small circular hedge.

One light for each miner who died will shine brightly in the Cemetery, overlooking the exact site where almost three quarters of the victims were buried. With Blantyre Heritage firmly in mind, a similar tribute by sister website ‘Blantyre Project’ has lit up the other more modern memorial at Kirkton Cross. The lights will be lit during dark hours all this week.  Seeing all those lights and knowing they represent lives is somewhat of a shock, but a fitting tribute to remember all those who died.

Read all about the Blantyre Pit Disaster in detail at Blantyre’s History Archives on Blantyre Project. and stay tuned for a week of posts…… including for the first time, exploring the personal lives of some of the miners who died.

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