Bogus Workmen Alert

An alert goes out warning Blantyre residents of bogus workmen.

Yesterday, Friday 15th November, 2 males in an unmarked white van were offering residents in the Village their gutters cleaned out for £30.

One elderly woman took up the offer, which she thought was a good deal and was charged £30 for both gutters. However, when she entered her kitchen whilst the work was going on, one of the men was actually IN her home, in her kitchen without being invited and was going through a cupboard!

When confronted, they, they scarpered.

Her neighbour told us, “We don’t want anyone else falling for this. They were clearly looking for something to steal but she caught them in time. “

This incident happened in Viewfield Avenue, near the Dandy. The woman was left startled but never phoned police, instead opting to warn her neighbours directly. By the sounds of it, they’re targeting people perhaps who are more vulnerable offering cheap work as a means to be able to be around homes.

Please do take care, be vigilant and look out for neighbours.


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