Priestfield Street Fire

The morning of Thursday 14th November was a cold one and as a Main Street resident scraped ice off her car, she noticed somebody deliberately setting fire to a nearby fence.

As she looked down Priestfield Street, High Blantyre around 6.40am, a young person was attempting to set fire to a resident’s wooden fence at the houses which look on to the back of the derelict Apollo Pub.

She told us, ” I ran over as the flames were getting high and noticed bins next to it. So I moved the bins away so the fire would not spread. I tried to kick some dirt on to the fire but there was a glass bottle with liquid that spread, used by the person to ignite it. The Fire brigade were called, and by the time they came out the fire was dying down.”

This was a deliberate and dangerous act of vandalism, made all the more bizarre by the time of morning and given the person who started it was alone.

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