Blantyre 2019 – A Year in Review

It’s that time of year again! Time for us to take our annual recap and look back at what’s truly been an eventful 12 months.

We’ve had a busy year reporting on 1,159 stories, providing you DAILY, FREE Blantyre news, as it happens. That’s more than any previous year, a focused effort on delivering your news! Our fast paced film recalls 180 of the more popular stories from 2019, the 8th year we’ve been online. Some stories happy, some shocking and some absolutely heartbreaking.

We remember also many people now no longer here, sadly many of them young men and women.

This is the pick of our articles which we feel defined Blantyre in 2019.

As always, our heart was filled with pride making this film. Blantyre does have its share of issues of course, but the community spirit, kindness and decency shines through. We hope you enjoy watching this.

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