Making Ellie’s Wish come true

If you remember from last weekend, we told the story of Blantyre girl, Ellie Devlin (12) who saved up her pocket money all year for Apple Airpods, but instead this week, used it to buy gifts for homeless people?

Well, we just couldn’t sit by without rewarding such kindness, so today we met up with young Ellie, her mum and gran and handed over enough cash to buy the Apple Airpods!

Needless to say Ellie was surprised and delighted, as was the rest of her family, who offer thanks here. Ellie was not looking to put herself in the spotlight, and has been somewhat overwhelmed by all the attention, the National press now picking up on our story.

Holding a private fundraiser yesterday online, in the space of 1 hour, we raised £150 for the Airpods and a further sum, which was handed over in Asda Vouchers.

It was Blantyre people pulling together who made this gift possible through private, prompt donations. In alphabetical order from:

Gail Gillon, Fairlie Gordon, Jack Jerome, Jo Kelly, Murdo MacDonald, Sharon McCafferty, Margaret McGinley, Thea McNamee, Jean McSorley, Andrea Oakes, Helen Robb, Drew Semple, Paul and Paula Veverka

Thank you to those who contributed and made this kind lassie’s original Christmas wish come true!

Photo Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph with permission.


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