Glasgow Light Rail Metro

A significant announcement for local transport links.

Plans for a metro link for Glasgow Airport have been agreed by council leaders in Glasgow and Renfrewshire.

The first phase of the proposed Glasgow Metro would link Paisley Gilmour Street train station and Glasgow airport, before later extending further east.

However, the new Light Rail Metro falls short of Blantyre . So near!

Branching out in all directions from Glasgow, it will connect towns and allow easy transport direct to the Terminal doors of Glasgow Airport. Carriages will be similar to Edinburgh’s trams network with wifi and affordable fares promised. However, eastwards of Glasgow City Centre, it falls just short of Blantyre with the terminal proposed for Newton.

All being well in several years, we’ll be able to hop on board a light tram from Newton direct to the city centre and onwards to the airport.

The new overground Metro (Light Rail) is due to commence construction later this year.


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