Blantyre Oscars 2020

It’s nearly that time of year again! Oscars season….. but fans of Blantyre Oscars may be disappointed this year as the popular, annual glitzy red carpet event takes a temporary break in it’s fourth year.

As event organiser, and despite plenty of excellent candidates for nominees, we’ve decided regrettably not to host the event in 2020, with personal work commitments elsewhere taking precedence.

The event takes several months to organise, a huge commitment for us and by our own admission, 2020 is already shaping up to be a busy year requiring our attention in other local community start up projects, work commitments and personal projects. 

To ensure Blantyre Oscars remains popular, with quality nominee videos and continues to sell out, we’ll be turning our attention to it again at the end of 2020 and promise exclusively here… WILL be back (with celebs) bigger and better than ever in Springtime 2021. 

Meantime, we look forward to announcing new, significant fundraisers later in the Springtime, which we hope will benefit the Summer Gala.

Thanks for your understanding.


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