Security Reminder

A security alert. This comes after separate messages came in about door handles and windows being tried at both Low Blantyre and High Blantyre during the last couple of nights.

On the early hours of Monday morning 4th May 2020 around 2am, a High Blantyre house alarm was set off and sensor lights tripped after somebody tried to gain entry to a residential property. The alarm scared them off, but nearby at Park Crescent, another report of windows being tried around an hour later, may have been linked.

The following evening, around 1.30am in the early hours of this morning, Tuesday 5th May 2020, a door handle was tried in Coatshill Avenue. The family dog started barking, waking up the residents. Upon investigation, the family noticed the gates had been opened and evidence that somebody had been in their garden.

A reminder goes out to Blantyre residents to check their doors and windows are locked at night, especially since many windows have been open in the day during this warmer weather. Always in the first instance phone police if you see or hear such suspicious activity.

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