Social Distancing in Shops

During the last couple of weeks, we’ve received numerous messages about respecting social distancing. Whilst most people are keeping their distance in shops, some are not using the designated marked spots or lines and causing concern for people nearby.

One man told us, “In this extremely stressful time I queued two metres apart outside a local store. Then on entering, separation distance was being ignored, ignoring the Floor Markings.”

Another woman separately messaged, “Can I ask for a little reminder about social distancing in shops. I felt unsafe in a local shop today when people were congregating right beside me with absolutely no consideration for the 2m social distancing rule. Not the fault of the shop, I would add. Its the customers.”

With further Covid-19 deaths in Blantyre, this is a little reminder about how the virus spreads. For your safety and others, please do use the markings in our Blantyre stores.


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