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New Rules for Supermarkets

Within the announcement yesterday, the Scottish Government has asked shops to return to a 2m physical distancing rule and to reintroduce rules they put in place earlier in the pandemic – for example, one way systems in supermarkets. The regulations have been updated to reflect the move from 1m to 2m physical distancing in certain retail premises from […]

Social Distancing in Shops

During the last couple of weeks, we’ve received numerous messages about respecting social distancing. Whilst most people are keeping their distance in shops, some are not using the designated marked spots or lines and causing concern for people nearby. One man told us, “In this extremely stressful time I queued two metres apart outside a […]

Grab your Magazine Today!

Don’t forget to pick up Edition 5 (August) of our fantastic Monthly Magazine! Currently OUT NOW in local shops, priced at just £1.00, all sales of this contemporary Blantyre magazine go entirely to local good causes. We retain nothing! The non profit venture aims to significantly boost our fundraising efforts, offer advertising opportunities for local businesses and […]

Hamilton…. ‘a ghost town’

This was the desolate scene at 2.15pm on Tuesday 4th December 2018 in Hamilton Town Centre. Devoid of shoppers, of festive atmosphere, lacking shops that were actually open in the middle of the afternoon…and so close to Christmas!  The scene will be unfamiliar to those who will remember shopping here in previous decades and there’s […]