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FM Nicola Sturgeon has announced today, Thursday 7th May 2020 that the current lockdown restrictions for Scotland WILL be extended from today for another 3 weeks until at least 28th May 2020. By law the current lockdown messures had to be reviewed today as part of a 3 week cycle.
It was also highlighted the reason for keeping the current lockdown restrictions is because Scotland’s ‘R’ number still remains around 1 and lifting any restrictions significantly could lead to a second wave of the Coronavirus, with Scotland’s outbreak took place slightly later than other parts of the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon has also said lockdown restrictions CAN be relaxed before the next deadline on the 28th May if the science suggests that it would be safe to do so.

The UK has become the first country in Europe to pass 30,000 coronavirus deaths, currently the 2nd worst affected country in the world.

PM Boris Johnson is expected to make a statement on Monday. It is widely thought by media sources that amongst the first relaxations he could make may be a restart of construction activities, perhaps being allowed outside more in certain circumstances and other measures to improve wellbeing.

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