Local Hero to the Rescue!

Blantyre resident Jodie Martin had a drama filled day today when her pup fell down a ravine in Low Blantyre!

Jodie was out taking her new Dalmatian pup ‘Dash’ a walk at the Clyde Walkways earlier today, Thursday 7th May 2020. Dash is just 13 weeks and like all pups at that age, happy to be outside in the big world.

Things turned concerning when she was horrified after the spirited pup pulled away and fell down a steep ravine, leaving her distraught. Jodie became panicked as her attempts to rescue her pet proved too difficult, the ravine dangerous and steep.

Seeing how upset Jodie was, a passing stranger, an older man decided to step in. This unknown local hero risked his own safety by climbing slowly and surely into the ravine to retrieve Dash. Despite the fall, Jodies pet was thankfully uninjured.

She told us this evening, “I am beyond grateful to this man. He could have really hurt himself and he had his own dog with him! As others walked by me, this guy was amazing. He didn’t need to stop and help me and he did, absolute hero! I really don’t know what I would have done without him!”

Do you KNOW who the local hero was? We’re glad this story had a happy ending and hope ‘Dash’ doesn’t dash off again anytime soon!


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