Going Quackers in Lockdown!

Lisa Thomas was all ready and due to move house just before lockdown started. She had sold her house way back in November and had decided to buy a farmhouse in December. After various issues, Lisa was finally due to move in March. but unfortunate timing with Covid19 meant that her own house sale fell though. She was staying put for now.

Lisa had her heart set on rearing ducks at her new home and had already bought duck eggs and an incubator.

Though the house move was postponed, she decided she would go ahead and try to incubate her duck eggs, something she hasnt done before. Thankfully, all went well and she now has additions to her family!

So, here they are. Little ducklings, born through her own care and a welcome distraction during these challenging times. They are now 6 days old and needless to say, they are in very safe hands.


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