Plan Set out to Lift Restrictions

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has today outlined a plan to take Scotland carefully out of lockdown.

A four phase route-map has been announced today, Thursday 21st May 2020 in a press conference which took place at 12.30. Before exploring Scotland’s plan, we would reinforce, for now the message is still the same. Stay at Home, stick to the current rules to protect the NHS and suppress the virus further. Here’s a first look at the Scottish Government’s key points for the coming weeks and months:

Emergence from lockdown will commence on 28th May 2020 and start to lift restrictions from next Thursday:

Phase 1:
28th May 2020

More outdoor activity is a key factor in this phase..
You’ll be able to meet people from other households, likely to be 1 person. You’ll be able to sunbathe in parks.
Visiting inside each others houses will NOT be permitted though outside in gardens will be permitted with social distancing in place.
Tennis, fishing, golf and other leisure activities will be allowed.
You’ll be allowed to drive to other locations again for exercise.
The construction industry will restart but very gradually and only safely.
Employers should use this prepare phase to get workplaces ready.
Garden centres will reopen, as will tips.
Restaurants and pubs will remain close.
Children’s hearings will resume.
Aspects of criminal justice system will resume.
Importantly, NHS screening programmes will resume.
Drive though fast food outlets will all be permitted.

Phase 2:
When: 11th June 2020

The second phase is about getting the economy moving again. Focusing on industries where people cannot work from home. Flexible home working.

The other phases are set out in a government document and include:

The re-opening of bars and restaurants will come earlier than other indoor spaces. Guidance on funerals will be relaxed. Phased returns to colleges and universities will be in place.

Schools and childcare guidance will also be set out. An agreed position has been reached for a safe return to formal schooling. Teachers will return during June to prep. Over summer children will have access to critical childcare. Transition support will be encouraged. From 11th August , all schools will re-open to a blended model of part time in school and part time at home.

Progress is being assessed every 3 weeks, with further phases to be introduced if it’s thought to be safe to do so, all in a “very gradual process“. The devolved nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have the power to make their own lockdown decisions. England made a decision earlier in May to break with a unified UK approach.

Scotland is now seeing a sustained decline in covid deaths indicating that lockdown measures are working.

There will be no sudden return to normality. A gradual easing of restrictions is the message. Looks like we’re all in this for the long run!



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