Seeing Friends and Family

It’s what we’ve all been waiting to hear about….”when can we see friends and family again?”

Today, the Scottish Government laid out a 4 phase approach to lifting some restrictions, plans which we’ll be exploring here this week. The advice for now as lockdown continues however, remains Stay at Home.

Phase 1 of the plan is expected to be implemented next Thursday, 28th May 2020 and means from then more outdoor activity will be permitted, such as being allowed to sit in a park, sunbathe as long as staying socially distant from others.

Meeting up with another household will be permitted in small numbers, including meeting them in gardens all with physical distancing, but you will still NOT be permitted inside others homes yet. Shielding of high risk individuals will continue and there will be no mass gatherings.

We’re quite sure there are some people who have been meeting others already, but knowing it is permitted, is a step forward and away from the hardships of not seeing friends and family.

Phase 2, which could be implemented in as little as 3 weeks time in mid June (dependant on health data) will see people being permitted to meet in larger groups of family outdoors with distancing. Meeting people inside others homes would also then be possible. Phase 3 and 4 then lifting further restrictions though normality may still be some time off.

A warning on dates. The Government will review measures every 3 weeks but can amend these details depending on whether infection and death rates fall quicker or in case they rise again.

We know what a strain Coronavirus has put on families. Children not being able to see grandparents. Being in one environment for so long. We hope we can all take a sensible approach in following guidelines and get through this as quickly as possible.

For now though today, there was a glimmer of getting through this. Of a possible return to more normal times and plans set out could see families friends and colleagues, soon reunited again.

What has today’s news about movement restrictions being eased meant for YOU and your family?


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