Calder Litter….Bag it! Bin it!

Sunny warm weather is here and with it comes the usual mindless littering down the Calder.

In what has been the first day of an easing of lockdown restrictions, some residents ventured out in the sunshine and were met with this disgusting sight.

One resident told us, “I’m disgusted! I went a 10am walk today down the Calder. Obviously it’s been party central yesterday (as there was no mess on Wednesday). Myself, my friend helped a gentleman who had already started to pick up litter out of sheer disgust .. Beer cans, alcohol bottles, even underwear! We filled 3 bags then binned it.”

We hope everybody can enjoy the good weather, but surely an empty bag or two taken down the calder, and a quick tidy up before you leave, could mean its enjoyed for everybody at all times? Bag it! Bin it!


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