Successful Running Challenge

Taylor McMahon (12) and his friend Bradley Welsh (13) are both young boxers from O’Neil’s boxing club in Cambuslang and have found a unique way to continue manage training.

The lads train via zoom video app with their coach and have continued running during COVID to keep up their training and fitness.

Taylor’s mum Danielle told us, “A few weeks ago Taylor asked me if could he put all his running to good use and try the David Goggins challenge which is running 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours! Given he’s only 12, I advised this may be a bit much but he could maybe adjust it a little and try 2 miles every 4 hours. “

The lads decided to do it for charity, raising funds for the Donna Miller Foundation to raise funds for Glasgow Children’s Charity. Donna was Danielle’s best friend and sadly lost her life 8 years ago to a brain tumour. Her brother Sean who is the charity’s ambassador set up the foundation and Sean and Donna’s family are still very much part of the family’s life.

The Donna Miller ball takes place every 2 years and this year was due to go ahead on Donnas 8 year Anniversary on the 25th April but due to COVID had to be postponed to next year. Taylor thought this should be the charity he raised funds for.

So last Wednesday morning at 8am they lads and Danielle kicked off at 8am and finished on Friday there having ran 2 miles every 4 hours plus an extra x2 to complete 26 mile marathon! Ross and Leanne Naismith decided on giving them a little suprise to make that final 2 mile a touch easier and invited their sparring partners down to company them on the last hurdle. 

They have currently raised over £2.3k and raising for a charity that is so close to the family’s heart. Danielle told Blantyre Telegraph, “It has really made the gruelling challenge all the more worthwhile. The support across social media has been in readable hundreds of messages of support. I cant tell you how proud I am of these boys only 12 and 13 years old to take on such a big challenge, keep themselves motivated and on track whilst raising some funds for a good cause along the way.”

Well done everybody!


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