Covid19 detected at High Blantyre Primary

Some breaking National News tonight. A teacher and 2 pupils have tested positive for Covid19 at High Blantyre Primary. 

This story has been fact checked by NHS Scotland and teachers at High Blantyre Primary. Parents were notified this evening by the School app, the news also now confirmed by NHS. 

NHA Lanarkshire’s test and protect team is carrying out contact tracing. The member of staff and 2 pupils are currently self isolating at home. The staff member tested positive on 22nd August and the two pupils today on 23 August. All individuals were last in the school on 20th August.

Following the findings of as review today, there is no evidence to suggest that there is transmission in the school. Therefore, the risk to the wider school community is low and the school will remain open with the exception of the following:

Supported Class – Room 5
All parents of children and staff associated with this class have been contacted directly by the test and protect team. Public health advice has been provided to staff and pupils on testing and self isolation.

Primary 3 and Primary 4 (Room 6 and Room 10)
A a precautionary measure, all pupils and associated staff in the Primary 3 and 4 classes (room 6 and 10) are being asked NOT to attend school. They will be offered testing on Wednesday 26 August and asked to self isolate until they receive confirmation of a negative result. Further communication will take place with parents and staff with regards to testing arrangements as soon as possible.

NHS Lanarkshire is working closely with South Lanarkshire Council and Public Health Scotland with regard to these cases and has promptly identified close contacts. The test and protect team will continue to contact anyone who may be affected. Public health advice is being given to these individuals and they are being told to self isolate and offered testing as required. 

The incident management team will continue to meet and robust contact tracing will continue.

The school have said, “We are aware there will be concern for children, their parents and staff at this time. However, we want to reassure you that SLC has undertaken a full deep clean of the building today. The school will be open as “normal” on Monday 24th August for all other pupils and staff. 

If you have any questions about Covid 19 or how to access testing please visit in the first instance 
or call the helpline on 0800 028 2816

We hope those people who have tested positive make a speedy and safe recovery.

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