Ban on Visiting Other Households

Things are changing in Scotland this week. From tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd September a Nationwide ban on visiting other people’s homes will come into effect.

Not quite the full lockdown we had in March, but a particularly significant and difficult restriction aimed to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

For us here in Blantyre, and another 1.75m people in Lanarkshire, Glasgow and Renfrewshire, its what we’ve had in place for a couple of weeks, but now it will be implemented throughout the whole of Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon said today that household interaction was a “key driver” of transmission and therefore the Scottish Government decided “after careful consideration” that visiting other people’s homes will no longer be permitted.

There will be exceptions for those living alone, for childcare, those alone with children or who form extended households.

The move means Scotland will have tougher coronavirus restrictions than England – where people can can still meet in groups of up to six in a house.

The measures will be reviewed in Scotland every 3 weeks.

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