HMRC Email Scams

We’re hearing of an increasing amount of scams claiming to be from HMRC. Throughout the pandemic, scammers have sent tens of thousands of messages to people across the UK, posing as HMRC.

Have you received any lately?

There have been several reports of scam emails similar to the picture which says that the recipient has received a penalty charge notice and asks them to click on a link to pay the charge online. In this example, the charge is £10 – we have seen other examples where it is £23.24. The email does not give any details of vehicles or locations.

Penalty charge notices will not be issued in this way. Emails relating to parking charges in Scotland would come from the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service.
This week, Scottish consumers have also received emails purportedly from ‘HMRC Government Gateway’ saying:

“The scheme for government grant has been approved for [your email address]. You are able to claim a second payment of up to £6,570. The money are [sic] set to land in your bank accounts within six working days of making the claim. Keep in mind that the scheme closes on 19 October so you have to hurry up. Claim now [link to fake website].
You can make a claim for the second and final grant even if you did not make a claim for the first grant.” 

If you are unsure whether a message from HMRC is genuine, check their website before clicking on any links or providing any details. Links in any genuine letters or emails from them will lead to the ‘’ website. If a link includes the word ‘gov’ but ends in it is likely to be fake.
HMRC regularly update their list of genuine communications to help you avoid scams.
Find out more about avoiding HMRC scams and avoiding council tax scams on our website.

Report similar scams to Advice Direct Scotland and if you have been the victim of fraud, report this to Police Scotland on 101. You can also forward scam emails to the National Cyber Security Centre.

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