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Scam Alert

Warning tonight! Some absolute lowlife created a new profile pretending to be us and has been messaging people saying they’ve won a competition. If YOU get this message, don’t click their links. We’ll NEVER ask you to compete registration for anything and certainly would NEVER ask you for credit card details. The fake profile looks […]

Scam Text Messages

A whole wave of scam text messages has been doing the rounds again. The latest one, this time is a text message coming from a mobile number, pretending to be a track and trace service. This is a common occurrence during the last few weeks in this local area. Please look out for people in […]

Covid Passport Scam

People are urged to look out for emails pretending to ask for you to apply for a covid travel or vaccination passport. The scam ultimately seeks to get your bank details! As genuine covid certificates are soon to be rolled out for some instances in the hospitality trade, this should not be confused with unscrupulous […]

DVLA Scam Warning

It would seem that the below scam email from DVLA is doing the rounds. Be careful as DVLA would not contact you in this way. This is a scam designed to get your personal and banking details with the purpose of removing money from your bank account. Please be vigilant, spread the word and keep yourself, […]

Delivery Scam Texts

Following months of reports from across Scotland about phishing emails related to shipping or deliveries, consumers are now receiving scam texts saying that a parcel is awaiting delivery but that an unpaid shipping fee of £2.99 or a “settlement” must first be paid.  The texts include a link leading to a scam website with Royal Mail branding which asks […]

Scam Roundup

Certain scams have appeared regularly throughout this year. Here’s a list of the most common ones. Covid Scams These include contact tracing scams, the promotion of misleading information about the pandemic and the sale of counterfeit PPE and medical products. In recent weeks, there have also been concerns that scammers may attempt to sell fake or […]

HMRC Self Assessment Scam

HMRC have this week warned people filing Self Assessment tax returns to be wary of copycat websites and phishing scams. In the last year, they have received over 500,000 complaints from the public about scam calls, texts and emails offering bogus tax rebates. They are urging the public to be aware that criminals may take advantage of Self Assessment […]