Blantyre Mining Disaster Anniversary

The 22nd October, a solemn date Blantyre knows all too well. Today is the 143rd Anniversary of the terrible Pit Disaster at High Blantyre. A tragedy where 215 men and boys sadly lost their lives.

In an instant at 8.45am on the morning of 22nd October 1877, almost 6% of the entire Blantyre population was wiped out by a horrific gas explosion in Dixons Pits 2 and 3, where now Priestfield Cemetery and Redburn Farm is located.

As is customary with Blantyre Telegraph for many years, today we mark the occasion by paying special tribute to those miners…..on behalf of the whole community of Blantyre.

Last night (Wednesday), we arranged and lit 215 flame effect lights around the memorial base at High Blantyre Cross.

One light for each life lost, the youngest only 12 years old. This is how it looked at midnight in readiness for today.

Today, we remember not just all those lives lost, but also the heartache so many thousands more people endured.

You can read all about the Blantyre Pit Disaster in great detail within Blantyre Project’s Historical Archive here:

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