Lockdown End Approaching?

We’re now into the last week of Lanarkshire’s 3 week lockdown. Hope everybody is ok. Today we ask, what next for all of us?

Well, of course it’s down to the Scottish Government. The Scottish Parliament will be the venue for decisions on Tuesday, 8th December 2020 about the next phase of the Scottish tier system.

The decisions announced that day will apply from Friday 11th December 2020, the date previously set as the end of the intended level 4 crackdown.

The review will look at all of Scotland’s 32 councils and of course there will be many businesses, including pubs, restaurants, hospitality and non essential shops, hoping to open back up again.

Chief medical officer for Scotland, Dr Gregor Smith, said officials have been looking at level 4 regions closely and had another meeting on Thursday December 3.

No decisions have been taken yet, but he said: “We are very encouraged by the trajectory in a lot of these areas. In truth, after these restrictions were applied it’s only really this week we’ve seen the impact fully coming through.”

Have your say. What do YOU think will be announced for Lanarkshire.

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