Have your Say on Council Spending

Everyone in South Lanarkshire is being urged to have their say on how their council spends its budget next year.

This includes on schools, roads, care homes and many other services.

How would YOU like to see the council spend their budget? Like most of the public sector, South Lanarkshire Council has been facing funding challenges at a time when demand for services has been rising.  The council has already had to find almost £155 million in savings over the last 10 years.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the council’s need to respond to it has increased the challenge this year.

The focus has always been on protecting key frontline services wherever possible, but the current estimate is that in 2021/22 another £19.2m is needed to plug the funding gap.

Proposals to set the budget will not be finalised until the New Year,

The survey, if you want to take part can be found here:

Have YOUR say. What should the council be focusing on spending next year?

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