Facebook Drops Like Button

If you run or admin on a Facebook page, you should be aware that important changes are underway this week, as Facebook drops the ‘Like’ button. This article is for business pages, brands and NOT personal profiles:

Starting on 6th January, when you join a new page, you’ll need to ‘Follow’ the page, rather than ‘Like’ it. The Like button will be removed. For page owners, it will mean “Followers’ will now be more important than ‘Likes’.

This will simplify how the user connects with Facebook pages. Unlike the current ‘likes’ system, ‘Followers’ of a Page represent the people who can receive updates from Pages not just on Facebook but engaged on other platforms, websites and elsewhere online, which helps give a stronger indication of their fan base. It should mostly be good news. For example, Blantyre Telegraph has many more “Followers” than people who “Like” the page due to reader engagement on our main website and other aspects of social media.

The above changes are only when you sign up and “like” blue thumbs up, as with all other emoticons will remain available in followers comments.

Other Changes in the new design, rolled out this week for Page Owners:

  1. Pages will now have their own dedicated News Feed where users can join conversations, interact with peers, and engage with fans, so you can follow just the page news, without the posts of visitors. With the dedicated News Feed users will get suggestions to interact or follow peer public pages, groups and other trending content.
  2. Easier Navigation with a new design layout.
  3. Better Admin and Security controls. This is most welcome. The improved safety features will ensure that “impersonator” accounts and spam cloned accounts are detected with more accuracy to ensure the integrity of the account.
  4. Users can switch between public pages and personal profile quickly, though care needs to be taken to check what profile you’re using.
  5. Users can also host a Q&A sessions to support more interactive conversation with followers. With these followers can ask a question on a topic the user wants to talk about and on answering the questions it will become a part of a stack of questions that other followers can also swipe through. If not ended manually, the Q&A ends automatically after 24 hours.
  6. Page admins will now be able to use settings to easily detect hate speech or any violent, untoward content or fake news and have it automatically removed from the page. (Yeah, Blantyre Telegraph likes this one!)
  7. The removal of rogue personal profile accounts that have accidentally or deliberately used business or brand names, rather than their personal first and second names, forcing a switch to either delete the personal profile or switch it correctly over to a brand or business page.

We’re not usually fans of constant change on Facebook, but in this instance, the changes, certainly for us are welcome and should be helpful.

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