Madonna on Blantyre Bus

Twitter went into meltdown this week leaving people baffled after Pop Queen, Madonna tweeted she was on the bus….. to Blantyre.

Scottish people including her fans were excited knowing the photo and tweet WAS the real Madonna, but left disappointed when it was later revealed the 62 year old was on a bus to Blantyre, Malawi!

However, the sighting prompted lots of confusion online, especially from those thinking she was in Lanarkshire.

One person wrote, “How did she get in past wee Nicola’s airport restrictions?”

Another wrote, “Maybe she was on ‘Holiday’. See what i did there?

Another woman tweeted, “Taking her daily exercise at the cawther

Another said, “Hahaha Madonna on the bus to Blantyre. Mind yur mask if yur going tae the big Asda, hen.”

Madonna was actually touring Africa with her kids, as part of her duties for her charity ‘Raising Malawi’ which she set up in 2006. Blantyre Malawi has gone from a small village of just a couple of hundred people at the time of David Livingstone to now being a major city with close to a million people.

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