Blantyre Asda Grandmothers!

What a happy story! Asda Blantyre Customer Section Manager Yvonne Shanks, and Checkout Operators Christine Andrew and Jay Braynion, are all delighted to soon be celebrating their first Mother’s Day as grandmothers!

Community Champion of the store, Mary Sutherland said:

“This is just the sort of good news everyone needed during the last year and they’re all thrilled – especially as they managed to get lots of cuddles between lockdowns!”.

“There are more surprises to come with wee Ollie soon to be a big cousin and our colleagues Megan and Elaine soon adding to our growing Asda Blantyre family. We are all so excited!”

Yvonne is grandmother to Ollie, Christine to Freddie, and Jay’s granddaughter is Payton.

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