Election Poll Results

Polling Stations are now closed. Voting has been cast and normally ballot boxes would be rushed over to a count. However, due to the pandemic, things will be a little slower in this election with the count not officially starting until tomorrow, with results coming in over Friday and Saturday.

As always in elections, we’ve conducted our own voters Poll, taking a good sample of readers, asking those who so wish, to participate. There was a good uptake with 721 people taking part throughout Central Scotland. All our exit polls have in EVERY case for the last 6 years predicted the outcome of each election the night before, and whilst the percentages have varied , voting trends and the order of the political parties have historically been ‘spot on!’ So, here’s the results of our poll:

Headlines – If these trends are to be replicated throughout Scotland, it would suggest the SNP is on course for an historic victory in both Constituency and List votes. Of note is a surge in Labour votes, pushing Scottish Conservatives significantly backwards from their position in 2016. Lib dems barely registering.

Constituency Poll – A resounding victory for SNP may come as no surprise. The poll suggests the news will be the race for second place with Labour poised to be the opposition, taking over from Conservatives.

List (Regional Poll) – the poll would suggest many SNP voters have indeed used their SNP1 SNP2 votes, rather than voting for other parties in the list seats. Question is will this be enough for an SNP majority? Results, if replicated in other parts of Scotland, would suggest this is on a knife edge. Indicative results suggest Alba has not made the impact it hoped for but polling higher or around the same as the conservatives, shows they have indeed helped that indy ‘super majority’ for Holyrood. Again, the story seems to be that the Unionist vote has significantly transferred from Conservatives to Labour. Greens making marginal gains.

Of course, this is just a poll. A small one at that and very much focused on Central Scotland. Many factors could influence this, no less geography itself. But interesting reading nonetheless. Take it with a pinch of salt.

The only votes that matter are the ones you’ve already cast!

Only time will tell if this was anywhere near actual events…….


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