High end Car Thefts

Theft of vehicles is on the rise in Scotland and police are warning that thieves are using new technology to open the cars without having to steal keys.

In recent weeks, cars been taken from outside homes in Edinburgh, Forth Valley, East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian, Fife and Dundee, without any house breaks in or KEYS actually being stolen!

We reported on this a few weeks ago and unfortunately the trend is rising. The thieves are using a signal amplifying device to pick up the frequency of the car key from outside the home, meaning they can steal the car without breaking into the house.

Leaving keys next to or in the front door, or hanging up on key hooks beside the door has become the known place that people keep their keys. Thieves know this and are exploiting it by using the signal technology from outside properties near the front doors to pick up the correct signal to operate high tech cars.

The break-ins and thefts mainly occur either in the late evening or early morning, when the householders are in bed, and all are being investigated as part of Operation Greenbay.

Police advise, “We would urge all homeowners to consider what their current home security looks like and evaluate if it could be enhanced through the use of measures such as alarms, motion-activated lights and CCTV. For those with electric key fobs, please consider buying a faraday box or pouch, which blocks the signal from being detected and amplified to open and start your vehicle. At the very least, please do not leave keys near the door or entryway of your home.”

Faraday boxes (wee metal, wooden or leather boxes) are widely available on Amazon and other stores online from around £15 and can sit in hallways or furniture to throw your keys into, offering huge protection against this kind of rising crime.

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