Blantyre Telegraph Ten Year Anniversary

We’re super thrilled and excited today to announce it’s our TEN YEAR Anniversary!

Our BIG day is here, celebrating 10 years online! Yes, for the last decade we’ve been bringing you all the local news on a daily basis for FREE, giving YOU a primary source of local news for Blantyre and surrounding area.

What a journey its been too. Back in 2011, we had just a dozen readers the first week and started out more of a “what’s on” page. Throughout the last decade, the page quickly grew in membership to its current 21,000 people, giving real media news outlets a run for their money! Always based on fact, never assumption or speculation, the page has become trusted as a friendly, reliable and interesting source of news and to our amazement has see a massive network of organisations, businesses and individuals behind the scenes in constant readiness to pass us news, stories and press releases, almost guaranteeing daily content. The majority of the articles aren’t our own, but are press releases or statements from other organisations wishing press releases to be posted. That makes things simpler for us and ensures accuracy.

Some people may not yet know, but the page is run by one person in the background, in spare time, before and after a normal daytime job, and it is openly admitted we’re not a proper media company nor have journalists and the ability to schedule posts in advance keeps the news flowing! The friendliness, lack of conflict or abuse on the page over the last 10 years reflects very well on how our readers feel about Blantyre Telegraph with respect for everybody here, both readers and admin. Indeed only 11 people have ever been banned for catty or jealous abuse of other readers or us. Abuse is not tolerated, and 11 ‘troublemakers’ in 10 years isn’t bad for an online community of over 21,000 people!!

Blantyre Telegraph has quite the following too by expats and in recent years we’ve noticed by other news outlets. There are many journalists following here throughout Scotland, which we have a great relationship with and able to share stories on lots of occasions. Even a couple of celebs are following! We’ve also managed to bring several massive exclusives over the years on stories in and around the Blantyre area. We get over a dozen messages each day, replying ALWAYS to everybody who takes time to contact us. Never letting anybody down. Ever.

We remain TOTALLY 100% impartial, unbiased to any organisation, religious or political belief here on this page, something we’re immensely proud of. We never name and shame and have learned to be careful on what can be posted and what cannot. (You wouldn’t believe what we get asked to post sometimes!)

Telegraph takes a massive leap forward today, expanding the endeavour with the launch of several new community groups making it easier for YOU to see the kind of posts and articles you want, giving you greater control. As for celebrating? Aside from offline raising a glass or two, we’ve got a great competition coming today!

A brief rare few words from me since it’s 10 years!: “I would like to say a massive THANKS to everybody here. Your comments, posts and interest keep me extremely motivated that Blantyre Telegraph continues and grows for years to come. On a personal note, I’ve been posting on this page now for exactly a FIFTH OF MY LIFETIME, 365 days a year for 10 years. Posting over 20,000 times and bringing you the news so far has been a pleasure and especially so when property, pets and families are reunited. I hope I’ve been able to do my best to bring you news in an unbiased, accurate fashion never letting personal views cloud the facts. I’m really proud of whats been accomplished and it remains a huge exciting part of my life. Telegraph has consumed my spare time on a daily basis and my payment for that effort has happily been £0.00. Finally, I’m pleased to say, this page has now raised £44,041 for 241 local good causes, mostly in Blantyre itself. That’s put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. That’s been down to YOU, the readers, so thank you very much! Here’s to the future! May the page continue to be the respectful, interesting and friendly place we’ve all become accustomed to. Regards Paul”

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