Congratulations Leah Hunter!

It’s been quite a fortnight for Blantyre youths being at the top of their game and putting the town on the map!

The latest is local teenager Leah Hunter who recently won an impressive dance tournament.

Leah recently attended the Glasgow International Championships in the Barrowlands where competitors from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales and as far as Norway all compete.

The talented lass danced through the many heats to eventually become the winner of the youth intermediate slow dance. Leah danced for Elaine Wedlock for 13 years and recently she now trains with Unity, located in Mansfield for Colin Chedgzoy and Angela Booth.

She also trains with Carol McLaren school of dance in Blantyre. It’s been quite a year of accomplishments in other regards too. Leah is currently in 6th year at Calderside Academy and was recently elected head girl (school captain). She has been dedicated to her craft since she was only two years old and with hard work and sheer grit and dedication she finally claimed her biggest title of her dance journey! What a special moment in time and one she deserves a huge mention for. Her family and friends are rightly proud.

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